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An Update Regarding American Express’ Temporary Work From Home Policy

September 10, 2020

Below is a statement that was recently communicated to all American Express colleagues globally by Chairman and CEO Stephen J. Squeri regarding extending the option to temporarily work from home. To date, the company has begun the process of phased office reopenings in almost 30 locations around the world, mostly in Europe and Asia, where infection rates have remained consistently low. This week, we began the re-opening of our New York office, with approximately 10 percent of the population opting to return in this first phase, and we expect to announce additional phased re-openings in the coming weeks:

“Over the past few months, we have taken multiple actions to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and to create a safe work environment for those who are returning to the office. Today, I’m writing to announce that we have decided to extend through June 30, 2021 our temporary work from home policy. This updated policy covers all colleagues worldwide who are able to effectively perform their roles at home and opt not to return to the office once it reopens, until the new June 2021 deadline.

We’re taking this step to offer colleagues more flexibility to balance work and family obligations, particularly as many of you must plan for an uncertain academic year that may involve remote learning or have elderly relatives to care for. In addition, many of you rely on public transportation to commute to work and may not feel comfortable using mass transit for the time being.

As the pandemic continues to evolve in communities around the world, I hope this news offers you some peace of mind while you care for yourselves and your loved ones.

It’s important to note that this new work-from-home guidance does not affect our global Return to Office plan. We’ll continue our phased, location-by-location approach, with the Executive Committee and I approving all requests for sites to allow a percentage of colleagues to come back.

The extended work from home policy is an option that is intended to give you additional flexibility for a longer period of time. As we continue to open more offices to more colleagues, you can choose to come back to work or continue working from home until June 30, 2021, unless local government regulations require you to work in the office, or if you cannot perform your job with the same effectiveness from home.

I want to thank you again for your focus and resilience these many months. I’m confident we will continue to engage productively and back each other and our customers as we move forward.”


Andrew R. Johnson